Autumn autumn the leaves are falling down. Autumn autumn the leaves are all different colours red,yellow and brown. Autumn autumn the wind is blowing. Autumn autumn it is so lovely…


Candle making

I made a candle from a candle set, the candle set  had lots of different wax and colour different shape molds.

I  used the blue wax and made a star shape candle. I had lots of fun making the candles.

Here is a picture of my candle:

My candle.


We went to legoland with a home -schooling group first we went to a workshop. At the workshop we controlled robots it was really fun controlling robots. When we had finished the workshop we went on the first ride. Next we went to a part where there was lots of rides we went on lots of them. On one of the rides we got soaked but it was still fun and it was really bumpy and we went on it two times. Next we brought some sweets. The last thing we went on was the train that takes you up a hill. At the end we where takeing photos. And i really liked legoland it was so so fun.