I went skiing with a homeschooling group. When we got there we put our boots on and then we got our skies. Next we had to wait for a couple of hours for our turn while we where waiting we where playing in our boots. And then it was our turn the first thing we done was walked in our boots and it was really hard to walk in them.

Next we learnt how to put our skies on and next our teacher told us how to go down when we go down we had to bend our knees then our teacher went down. And then we all had a go when it was my turn i was really scared but when i went down it was not scary. And then we all had a couple of goes going down next we had to put our left and right leg up while going down and we all had a few goes at that. And then we had to jump while going down i was really scared but it was ok. The next thing we had to do was sing and do head shoulders knees and toes while going down and we all had goes at that.

Next we had to play a game which we split in to two groups. Our teacher got two tiers and put them at the bottom. Next one person from one team went down and had to take their skies of and run round the tier three times and run back up and every one had a go. It was the end of skiing. And i really want to do it again it was so so fun.