Marwell Zoo

I went too marwell zoo on monday the 29th of april 2013. When we got there we first saw penguins next we saw leopards and bats we

also saw hippos and rhinos which they stunk so bad that i couldn’t even look at them even when i was walking i felt sick. We next saw

a giraffe which there was only one giraffe which was a bit boring. next we saw monkeys which looked so bored after that we saw otters

which where swimming and we also saw a snow leopard we only saw one sleeping it was so cute. And we also went on a tractor ride

on the tractor ride we saw a camel,flamingo,zebras and meerkats.The tractor ride was really fun. After the tractor ride we went to the

gift shop the gift shop had lots of stuff after the gift shop we went home.


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