Reading children’s festival

I went to the reading children’s festival on the 18th may 2013. The first thing we did was archery which was really fun next we went on zorbing balls and that was so cool. And we also went on the bikes. Next we played with clown stuff after that we ate some food which was yummy. Next we went and did lots of other things and then we went home. I really liked going to the reading children’s festival.


Candle making

I made a candle from a candle set, the candle set  had lots of different wax and colour different shape molds.

I  used the blue wax and made a star shape candle. I had lots of fun making the candles.

Here is a picture of my candle:

My candle.

Pizza Express Workshop

On Tuesday, we went to a pizza express workshop with our Home-educators group. First we tasted some capers and anchovies. Then we made the base next we put the tomato sauce on. Then we put  the toppings on  I put some olives,onions,peppers and cheese. Next the man put the pizza in the oven. Then we ate the pizza and it was really nice. I loved the workshop.

Fundraiser for Syria

We went to a fundraiser for Syria first we set the tables out for the stalls and we

did a sweet stall and  they had a kids room with henna, coluring competition and

cake decorating.Lots of people came to the sweet stall and the cake decorating

stall and they had T-shirt painting,canvas painting,face painting,hair braiding.

And they had lots of food to choose from. And there was lots of people, so

it was very hot. And in the end of the day i was so tired but i really like it.