I went skiing with a homeschooling group. When we got there we put our boots on and then we got our skies. Next we had to wait for a couple of hours for our turn while we where waiting we where playing in our boots. And then it was our turn the first thing we done was walked in our boots and it was really hard to walk in them.

Next we learnt how to put our skies on and next our teacher told us how to go down when we go down we had to bend our knees then our teacher went down. And then we all had a go when it was my turn i was really scared but when i went down it was not scary. And then we all had a couple of goes going down next we had to put our left and right leg up while going down and we all had a few goes at that. And then we had to jump while going down i was really scared but it was ok. The next thing we had to do was sing and do head shoulders knees and toes while going down and we all had goes at that.

Next we had to play a game which we split in to two groups. Our teacher got two tiers and put them at the bottom. Next one person from one team went down and had to take their skies of and run round the tier three times and run back up and every one had a go. It was the end of skiing. And i really want to do it again it was so so fun.



Autumn autumn the leaves are falling down. Autumn autumn the leaves are all different colours red,yellow and brown. Autumn autumn the wind is blowing. Autumn autumn it is so lovely…

Candle making

I made a candle from a candle set, the candle set  had lots of different wax and colour different shape molds.

I  used the blue wax and made a star shape candle. I had lots of fun making the candles.

Here is a picture of my candle:

My candle.


We went to legoland with a home -schooling group first we went to a workshop. At the workshop we controlled robots it was really fun controlling robots. When we had finished the workshop we went on the first ride. Next we went to a part where there was lots of rides we went on lots of them. On one of the rides we got soaked but it was still fun and it was really bumpy and we went on it two times. Next we brought some sweets. The last thing we went on was the train that takes you up a hill. At the end we where takeing photos. And i really liked legoland it was so so fun.

Pizza Express Workshop

On Tuesday, we went to a pizza express workshop with our Home-educators group. First we tasted some capers and anchovies. Then we made the base next we put the tomato sauce on. Then we put  the toppings on  I put some olives,onions,peppers and cheese. Next the man put the pizza in the oven. Then we ate the pizza and it was really nice. I loved the workshop.

Fundraiser for Syria

We went to a fundraiser for Syria first we set the tables out for the stalls and we

did a sweet stall and  they had a kids room with henna, coluring competition and

cake decorating.Lots of people came to the sweet stall and the cake decorating

stall and they had T-shirt painting,canvas painting,face painting,hair braiding.

And they had lots of food to choose from. And there was lots of people, so

it was very hot. And in the end of the day i was so tired but i really like it.